10 Ways to Make Sure You Eat Healthy in Budget

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10 Ways to Make Sure You Eat Healthy in Budget
10 Ways to Make Sure You Eat Healthy in Budget

When it comes to food and health, a lot of us believe that they don’t blend in together. Healthy eating cannot be within budget and the food that fits your budget might not provide you with as much nutrition as you want. Then pops THE BIG QUESTION, how to eat healthy on a budget? Seems impossible, right? What if I tell you it’s not? Eating healthy that too without burning a hole in your pocket is easy as well as possible.

There are many ways you can save on your monthly ration bill while still eating clean and healthy food. Here are 10 ways you can eat healthy in the budget.

Cook your meal:

Cooking your own meal doesn’t need to be on the list, right? Well, it does. You have no idea how many peoples eat fast foods or packed, frozen foods outside. Eating outside is very unhealthy, plus has so many disadvantages.

There are many clean eating options available in the market these days. But they are hard on your pocket. For instance, take a bowl of schezwan rice or any kind of fried rice. You go out and spend hundreds on it, but you can cook them at home in your own comfort.

Bulk cooking:

You might be familiar with this term. Possibilities are, you use this trick in everyday life. Bulk cooking means cooking your food in advance. This saves time as well as money. You can keep you cooked food in the refrigerator for long and use it every time you need it.

This costs very less in front of the cost that you must bear every time you go grocery shopping for a particular food. You can buy meat, veggies in bulk make soup and store them in the fridge. You can also cook some broth and store them. Use them as per your requirements.

Eating foods that are not super fresh lacks nutrients and taste. Do bulk cooking only if your schedule is extremely tight for regular cooking.

Look for less expensive meat pieces:

What! There’s a less expensive meat piece as well? Yes, some fishes or meat cuts are comparatively cheap.

You can opt for chicken thigh instead of chicken breast or tilapia instead of salmon or tuna. These cheap alternatives are pocket friendly as well as good in taste. With these alternatives in hand, you can save a little without compromising your protein or nutrition content,

Cut down on junks:

Junk food is very unhealthy for your body and skin. They are simply a waste of money I believe. Junk foods won’t give you any benefit rather will make a hole in your pocket.

Look for healthy alternatives like homemade kale chips, or corn soups, salads. Experiment with different ingredients to make your snack. Swap your soda with fruit juice or detox water, green tea. Make banana or kale chips instead of buying bags of fried potato chips. You’ll save more and eat healthy as well.

Shop Local:

Go for local shopping. Buying groceries from a supermarket may put pressure on your wallet. Buy fruits, veggies, and everything from local’s grocery stores, or farmer markets.

The products sold there are comparatively cheap and are fresh. So, this will double the benefit. Eating healthy plus saving money, not a bad deal, I guess!

Plan your meal:

Planning your meal prior is the best way to save money. It’s never a bad idea to plan your entire week meals. This will ensure you don’t spend extra or go out of the way to buy some products.

Plan your meal, make a grocery list prior to every week, and then buy accordingly. Only get those things that you are very sure you are going to use.

Avoid shopping when hungry:

This is strict instruction. “When you are hungry, just don’t shop”. This will make you buy unhealthy things plus a lot of stuff you don’t require.

You can try having yoghurt, fruits, healthy seeds, and nuts instead of having pizza or cupcakes. This will keep you healthy and save you a lot.

Buy foods when they are in the sale:

Oh, we all love a sale. Food items that are being put on sale are way cheaper. Shop from the sale and you’ll get some good products at amazing discounts.

Stock up on your favourite items when they are on sale. Make sure they are good and can be used weeks later as well.

Replace meat:

Meat is a good source of protein; we all know that. But there are a variety of foods that can replace the meat in protein content. You can try incorporating these items into your meal. This will make sure that you stay healthy and not spend much.

Try beans, eggs, hemp seeds every once a week. They are a high source of protein and are low on budget.

Shop seasonal products:

Shop for products that are available in the season. Seasonal foods are less expensive and are easily available. Plus, you get a health benefit.

Products that are out of season usually carry the import duties plus more taxes, the reason they are expensive. Make sure you get food that is available in season.


Eating healthy can be within budget if you know the right way. It is easy to plan and spend than spending aimlessly on kinds of stuff that might cause harm to your health.

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