9 Foods That Contain Excessive Sugar

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Too much sugar is not doing any favour to our health and life. Every day we read news articles, websites that say excessive sugar intake is risky.

Good sugars, which are found in real, fresh foods, namely fructose in fruit or lactose in milk, supply adequate quantities of energy to the body, and are often packed with nutrients such as fibre or protein. Sugar outside these types of food contribute to high blood sugar level and thus damaging metabolism. In this blog, we have brought down some foods that contain extreme sugar. You might see a few of your favourite foods in here as well.

Flavoured Yoghurt:

We all love flavoured yoghurt. It is yummy and is the best alternative to your sweet cravings. It is considered healthy as well. But do you know that this small bowl of happiness contains tons of sugar? Don’t mean you will have to Cut down on eating yoghurt. You can still have it but make sure to check the sugar content. If sugar is there in the prior three ingredients, then you need to drop it. You can compensate your cravings with plain yoghurt mixing it with applesauce or fruits of your choice.

Canned Soup:

Canned Soup
Canned Soup

Canned soup is a perfect evening snack when you are feeling hungry but not too much to stuff your stomach full. Canned soups are high in sodium, something you might have heard people saying. But do you know that they are high in sugar as well? Sugar is used in these tomatoes soupers to balance the acidity and the flavour. The best alternative is to make it at home, or you can also keep a watch on the sugar content mentioned on the label.

Tomato Sauce:

Tomato Sauce
Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce that we get from the stores outside, can have a high amount of sugar in them. This can be dangerous for your health. As said before, sugar is added to the sauce just to balance the acidity of the tomatoes and preserve it for long. You can make tomato sauce at home. Chop the tomatoes, puree them, and add spices to them. Your sugar-free sauce is ready in no time.

Barbecue Sauce:

The yummy lip-smacking dip is a tasty marinade to your chicken, but do you know how unhealthy it is? Just 2 tbsp of this sauce contains around 28 gm of sugar. The way to keep a watch on this is to read the label before buying the BBQ sauce can. Also, check your portions.

Fruit Juice:

Fruit Juice
Fruit Juice

It is known to all that soft drinks contain the maximum amount of sugar. The alternative to soft drinks is fruit juice. But what if I tell you fruit juice is also full of sugar? Yes, Fruit juices contain more sugar than the whole fruit. When you blend some fruit into juice, the amount of fiber in it minimizes and the vitamins and minerals that have a large dose of sugar boosts up. It is better to control your juice intakes. You can have whole fruits instead.

Chocolate Milk:

Oh! I know how much kids love hot chocolate milk. Chocolate milk is flavoured with sweetener and cocoa. This makes it higher in sugar content. Chocolate Milk being notorious for body and bones, however, cannot compensate the amount of sugar used to make chocolate milk.

Canned Fruits:

Canned Fruits
Canned Fruits

Again, this makes in the list because sugar is used to preserve these fruits for a longer period. The best alternative to staying away from the extra sugar is to eat healthy fresh fruits.

Canned Baked Beans:

Canned Baked Beans
Canned Baked Beans

Canned Beans are mostly used in English breakfast. These are counted in savoury foods but are high in sugar. If you love baked beans, then you must minimize the potion of intake and pick the one with the least amount of sugar among all.

Flavoured Coffees:

It is a go energy drink for working people as we are always on the go. The flavoured coffee maybe contains around 45 gms of sugar, which is 11 teaspoons of added sugar. This is bizarre! Try opting for an unflavoured strong coffee or black coffee if you want to stay away from diabetes or health issues.

Bottom line

A bit of added sugar will do no harm, however taking a hefty amount of sugar every day may cause some serious damage in your body. The best way to stay fit is to home cook your food. The ingredients you use are fresh and contain less sugar. You can easily keep a check on your sugar consumption.

Yet, if you want to buy packaged food, look for the label. Make sure you pick the one that has the least amount of sugar.

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