From 18 to 35 years: How the average marriage age of a woman varies around the world

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How the average marriage age of a woman varies around the world!
How the average marriage age of a woman varies around the world!

As soon as a woman turns 18 she starts getting nudges from her family and relatives. Comparatively, men never face these kinds of questions at all or even if they do, that comes at a very late age. The interesting reality about marriages in different countries is, the stable the country’s economy the later people tie the knot. Marriage is very important to men and women across the globe, but there are some places where women feel more pressure to marry at an early age. Some women may wed at an early age while others wait a bit longer. Let’s find out what the statistic says about the average age for women to get married in different parts of the world.

Normally bride in Mexico ties the knot at the age-

Child marriage is still a pretty big problem in Mexico. While according to National Public Radio (NPR), the union was banned in 2014, the principles underlying the practice remaining. The average age of women getting married in Mexico is 23.

Women in Russia marry later than they once did

During the year 2002 with at least one partner being younger than 18 years old was 29,111. Over the decades, Russian couples have steadily begun to wait to get married.

In China, women wait longer to get married

Age of bride in China
Age of bride in China

Surprisingly, in parallel with the economy of a country, the age at which someone marries seems to increase. The normal age bar of women for marriage in china shifted from 22 years old to 25 years old now. Whether or not, having a more stable financial condition makes women pickier.

In Spain, women tie the knot older than you would think

Previously, Spain has the lowest marrying age in Europe. Time has changed and so the women of Spain. Even though the legal age of marriage in Spain was and is relatively low, most of them aren’t in hurry to get hitched. The normal marriage age for women there is quite high. The average age is 27 years old. This number is much higher than many other nations where the legal age of marriage is low.

Although we can’t say for sure, it may simply be that like other nation, women in Spain don’t rush to make such a big decision. They take their time to get hitched.

Women in Japan tie the knot just before they turn 30

Age of bride in Japan
Age of bride in Japan

Women have felt huge pressure to get married for a while in Japan. Certainly, if a Japanese woman was not married before she turned 25, she would be called “Christmas Cake” meaning a dessert beyond its sell-by-date. Now the times have changed. Japanese average age of women getting married is not 25 or younger, it’s 29.

Women in Japan just don’t have the same urge to get married young these days as women from generations past had. They have a good career and are more financially stable.

Japanese women prioritise themselves and their jobs and don’t let marriage get in the way.

Women in Finland get hitched at this age

In Finland, women simply don’t care about old ideas. If a woman doesn’t marry before the age of 30, she is regarded as a failure, well the saying is no more applicable. They usually prefer to marry here in their early 30s, and because of that, the divorce rates are comparatively lower.

In France, women are allowed to wait till this age

Age of bride in France
Age of bride in France

France is supposed to be the place of love. Tons of people go to propose the lady of their life in France. However French women don’t think that way. They have different opinion on love and marriage. French couples date and live together before finally tying the knot. Average French women tie their knot at the age of 32. Nearly 43% of babies in the country are born to a non-married couple.

French women know what they want in life and they aren’t going to get married just for that reason, even if that means having a baby.

Italian women get married in their 30s and outlive their spouses

Age of bride in Italy
Age of bride in Italy

Italy is a romantic destination. However, it turns out that not only do women get hitched later in Italy, but they may also do better without a husband at all. Italian women tend to wait into their 30s to get wedded. Women there, on average, marry at the age of 32 or 33.

Women in India marry in their early 20s

Age of bride in India
Age of bride in India

The average age of marriage in India is 22.1 years but it totally depends on the girl and her family. India is an extremely diverse country and hence marriage age of women varies from place to place. Women who are carrier focused and educated marries in their 30s. Whereas there are many places where they marry in their 25s and continue their carrier. Girls in the rural area mostly marry in their 20s or even before that. Living together concept is very rare here and having a child without marriage out of question and hence girls have to choose to either get marry and start family or settle in their carrier then get married. Most marriages here are arranged marriage and hence parents start finding the perfect groom early.
So it’s very tough for girls to avoid all this and not get married early.

Brazilian women and girls marry at a young age

Age of bride in Brazil
Age of bride in Brazil

On average, women in Brazil get married at the age of 23 which is pretty young comparatively. This is because child marriage is common in South African countries.

In the number of girls married to or living with a partner by the age of 15, Brazil is ranked fourth in the world. The harsh reality of child marriage in Brazil is that it is often seen as the only way out for young girls from an abusive home situation.

Although the legal age of marriage in Brazil is 16, girls can get married even younger than that if there is a pregnancy. While many women around the world find the freedom to marry late, women and girls in Brazil do not have that option.

Women in the Middle East get hitched in their early 20s

Age of bride in Middle East
Age of bride in Middle East

Child marriage is legal in many Middle Eastern regions. The fact that it happens with the approval of the girl’s parents is really sad. In Egypt and Iraq, women get married at the age of 22. Middle Eastern girls face a lot of difficulties in their studies and life. They are forced to drop their university or even school just to get married.

So now you have a rough idea of the average marriage age around the world. Marriage age completely depends on where are you in life and whether are you ready for it or not. What you think is the best age to get married?

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