How do Hashtags work on social media?

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How do Hashtags work on social media?
How do Hashtags work on social media?

You’re probably familiar with the idea of hashtags if you’re on social media these days. Hashtags first appeared on Twitter in 2007. Since then, they have been around. It’s almost a decade we have been using these hashtags. They have appeared on just about every social media. Hashtags have also played an important part in influencing the current news cycle.

We should know what a hashtag is by now.

However, the real question is whether the hashtags are efficient in creating engagement on your social media posts.

Well, the answer isn’t cut and dry- it differs across the various social network. It is also clearly influenced by the actual content used in your post. Keeping that in mind, let’s see how the success of your post across a few major platforms can be influenced by hashtags.

Do hashtags generate more engagement on Twitter?

The concept of Hashtag was originated from Twitter. Proper use of hashtags increases the chance of engagement by 21%. But there are backlogs too. If you stuff your post with irrelevant hashtags, chances are your engagement will decrease by 17%.

Choosing the right hashtag to convey your message to a larger audience is very important. Hashtag create conversation, so choose your hashtag keeping the relevance of the content in mind.

For instance, if your tweeting about an amazing giveaway you have planned this weekend. Your tweet must not be like - “We have planned an #amazing giveaway this weekend, stay tuned to know more about the participation.” This will not get discovered.

Nobody will notice your tweet about #awesome in a conversation. Rather, hop to an opt conversation that is relevant to the content. You can initiate a conversation with your very own created hashtag or use something like #giveaway.

Hashtags will get you found on Twitter if used well. It is like a website search engine optimisation.

Do Hashtags on Facebook help?

Initially, Facebook didn’t adopt hashtags. However, Facebook followed suit after hashtags went onto Twitter. Hashtags on Facebook barely matters at all.

Using hashtags on Facebook was found to have a detrimental effect on interaction if the action has any impact at all. Simply put, do not care about Facebook hashtags. Hashtags aren’t going to bring you engagement on Facebook.

How do Hashtags work on Instagram?

Let’s admit we all are familiar with Instagram and Hashtagging on the gram. If used properly, hashtags on Instagram will put your content in multiple conversations. This will help you get found easily and engage in a more profitable way.

Hashtags here works the same way as Twitter. They sort and label related topics. Users can redirect to the relevant topics by searching for a hashtag.

The major difference between hashtags on Twitter and Instagram is that Instagram isn’t limited to 140 characters like Twitter. One can use multiple hashtags related to the product, to increase engagement.

You can use hashtags on Instagram in different ways. From including hashtags on your posts, mentioning them in stories or putting them in Reels (recently added feature). Instagram allows you to land on multiple searches. However, unlike posts or reels, there is a limitation to hashtags on insta stories. Instagram hashtag sticker lets you use only one hashtag per story. If you want to use more than one, you will have to type manually and make sure that the hashtags are underlined. The underlined hashtags only appear on the related search. The maximum number of hashtag you can put in your story is 3. If you use them wisely your story will bring more engagement to your page. Also according to the new Instagram algorithm, if you hide your hashtags or clone them with your background, you will not be noticed. Your hashtags need to be clear, bold and engaging.

So, are hashtags working? As we see, the response depends on the platform we choose and the content we provide. But we can say it does work very efficiently. You can use hashtags as one of the social media tools to land more traffic on your page.

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