How to earn money without having a proper degree?

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How to earn money without having a proper degree?
How to earn money without having a proper degree?

Getting caught up in a confusion post leaving high school? Well, what if I tell you it’s completely normal. Yes, it’s understandable to get lost in the chaos of finding a job that pays a reliable income or to choose between passion and other things. Worry not! I got your back. I am here to let you know that it’s fine to be clueless sometimes. Not knowing what to do, which direction to choose is okay. Besides that, to be in a nice position, we should always aim to reach up. Money generally does not mean a nice position but a nice position definitely means money! Mark my words. I will reveal to you ten lucrative positions that will give you a consistent career, nice pay, and could help you start your own business not far off. Now, before you believe that I’m telling you to put your dreams aside, listen in to what in particular I’m saying to you. The days are gone where you’d work hard, stay consistent with a job, and wish for a good retirement one day. Today, we are in the era of data where knowledge is directly free and you can change from an employee to an investor. Before we reach there, however, we need to figure out how to raise income to support our ways of life, save money, and contribute. Here are 10 positions that can set a fair course for you to start your financial journey.

Paid surveys are a nice way to earn a few dollars. If you are a housewife or a househusband, you can take a few minutes out of your day and do these paid surveys.

These are some programs that you can check

PineCone Research gives you $3-$5 for each survey you take. You can also make $7 per survey and product reviews.

SurveyJunkie lets you earn $3-$7 per survey.

InboxDollars pays you to watch videos, play games and do shopping online. You will also get a $5 bonus on signing up.

Virtual Bookkeeper:

Bookkeepers are responsible for paying bills, invoice, payments, updating financial records, entering them in a computer program, checking accuracy etc.

You don’t require a college degree to do this job. The basic requirements for this job are computer knowledge. If you are good at organising things virtually you are eligible for this job.


Well this is my personal favourite. Blogging these days is a high paying passion, everyone pursues. You can blog about food, travel, photography, your city, fashion, lifestyle, yoga…the options are endless.

Blogging is a passion and people pursue it as a hobby. The basic requirements of blogging is a camera and your passion for telling stories. Cinematography is a bonus.


Many big firms need written data rather than audio. This helps them to file things properly. For this, they need a person who can transcribe the audios into writing.

The basic requirements of this job profile is a good typing speed, at least above 60 words per minute and reasonable coordination between your ears and hands.

Virtual Assistant:

This industry is booming. People in the US and the UK constantly look to the VA for help.

This job doesn’t specifically require any education, besides, you should have the hard-working factor in you.

Freelance Writer:

If you have the gush of writing then this job is for you. Freelance writers are in demand.

People need someone to write their projects, blogs, and a lot of other things. This is when a freelance writer comes in.

Freelance writing doesn’t require a college or associate degree. If you like writing and researching different topics, you can be a freelance writer. You need to closely understand the SEO to write good contents.

Social Media Managing:

Companies want their online presence to be crisp and click-worthy, but they hardly get time to manage their social media which is why companies hire a freelance or full-time Social Media Manager who can look at their profile, come up with some good industry-related ideas to make the profile more engaging and crisp. You can work as a Facebook ad manager if you know how to use it. There are lots of tutorials available online, you can learn from those too.

There are no particular bars for this job. You just need to have a stronghold on social media management and Facebook ad management.

Real Estate Agent:

Real Estate business is a good opportunity to start earning if you don’t have a high school degree. It is also high paying. Real Estate agents get a commission on the deals that happen between the buyer and seller.

You don’t need to have a degree to start your career in this job. You are expected to have good communication skills though.

Fitness Instructor:

Good mind=Good body. Fitness is in demand among teens and so you can have a great earning opportunity in this field.

You don’t need a college degree if you are someone who loves to keep him/her self fit and in shape, you can be a fitness instructor. You also need to have a fine knowledge of editing apps as you will have to edit the videos you shoot.

So, these are some of the jobs that I know will pay you a decent amount to meet your ends. There are several free courses available online in these areas which you can look at if required.

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