Want Healthy, Beautiful Teeth? Here is what you need to know

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Want Healthy, Beautiful Teeth? Here is what you need to know
Want Healthy, Beautiful Teeth? Here is what you need to know

I hate clean, white teeth- said no one ever. We all want pearl white teeth but can’t stop munching on junks that lead to bad dental health. The uncountable efforts to maintain healthy white teeth fails when we don’t keep a watch on what we eat. If you want to keep your teeth good, healthy and white, there are certain foods you need to avoid.

Foods you need to avoid to maintain a good dental health

Coffee and Tea:

About half of the world starts with coffee or tea. Some people can’t even imagine their life without tea or coffee. These beverages are like their morning freshness punch, they need to kickstart their day with. But they forget the fact that adding sugar to coffee is bad for their teeth. Moreover coffee, tea can stain teeth. While you can’t completely stop sipping on these cuppas all you can do is limit the amount you consume every day.


You already knew that cola is bad for your teeth; not only is it high in sugar, but the dye additives in it can also stain your teeth. It’s safer to limit the consumption or drink water in plenty.

Sticky candy

Sticky candy, caramel, cotton candy, and tootsie rolls, give pleasure to your tongue but also exposing them to bacteria. These bacteria build in your mouth attack your denture and make them weak and pale. When munching on these yummy treats, try increasing your water intake so that there’s nothing left in your mouth. Brushing two times a day will also make sure that no food is stuck in your teeth.

Iron Supplements

This mineral is mostly recommended for people who suffer from anaemia, but it is important to note that using it frequently can cause bacterial plaque, resulting in tartar and stains on the teeth.


While lemons are high in Vitamin C and have other health benefits, they also contain acidic juices that can easily damage your teeth. Lemons are one of nature’s most acidic fruits. If you squeeze a lemon into your drink, think twice because excessive acid is bad for your pearly whites.

Apart from all these, brushing and flossing regularly is also the strongest defence against tooth decay and gum disease. A tooth-friendly diet, on the other hand, will help you maintain a bright smile and healthy gums.

Foods you can look for a Healthy White Teeth


Water is an all-rounder. The thing that quenches your thirst also aids gum and teeth problem. Water removes leftover foods from the mouth.

Sugar-free Drinks:

If you can’t stay away from soft drinks, choose a sugar-free one. A healthy and smart alternative to sweetened drinks that washes away acidic foods left in the mouth and help lower cavity risk.

Sugar-free Chewing Gum:

Chewing gum stimulates saliva production, which helps to neutralize acids in the mouth and preserve tooth enamel. When you are looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth, sugar-free chewing gum is a great option.

Cheese and Milk Products:

In a variety of ways, cheese and milk help to preserve tooth enamel and prevent cavities. To begin with, they improve saliva production, which helps to balance acids in the mouth. Cheese and milk contain protein, calcium, and phosphorus, which act as acid blockers and protect the tooth from decay.

Diet may aid cavity and dental problems but taking care of your dentures is also essential. Brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist once every month is important for good and healthy teeth.

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