Which colour will look best on me?

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Which colour will look best on me?
Which colour will look best on me?

Not gonna lie, I barely care about whether I am a cool or warm tone person. My idea of fashion is equal and I love every colour. But I have seen many people struggling with their complexion, body type, and the ideal colour that will give them the desired look. Honestly, everyone can carry every colour from the colour pallet. For me, confidence works and not the colour. Though understanding the colour palette is important. In this post, we will talk about which colour works with your skin tone, eye and hair colour. Amazing right! Here is my skin-friendly palette that will help you find your best match.

Keep reading to learn more about which colour suits you.

Colours that look best on Cool-toned skin

First thing first, what is cool-toned skin? Let’s learn the easy way of understanding your skin tone. Look in the mirror, do you see pale skin? Do you get suntanned easily? Do you have blue eyes or bluish veins instead of green? And last, you have pink skin undertones.

The best colours to pair with cool undertones
Colours like frosty purple, emerald greens, sky blues, cobalt and pastel should be your all seasoners. Plan your wardrobe according to these colours. Try red shades of lipsticks. Avoid colours that are way too bright like orange and yellow.

Colours that look best on Warm-toned skin

What is warm-toned skin? If you find your skin tone more peachy, yellow or golden then you have a warm undertone. Do you tan easily? Do you have dark eyes and hair like black, dark brown, auburn? Your veins are more greenish?

The best colour to pair with warm tones
Colours like fiery reds, oranges, rusty tones, creams, earthy tones and camels are your go-to colours. If you retain cool hues, go for the warm version of the cool pallets like violet, Fuschia, olive or orchid.

Colours that look best on Neutral-toned skin

Those with neutral undertones are probably the luckiest ones. Most of the colours will look great on them. They are a mix of cool and warm tones, they might face a little difficulty comprehending between the warm and cool tone discussion done above.

The best colours to pair with Neutral undertones
Believe yourself fortunate cause you have excess to the entire colour wheel. Being neutral-toned, you can go for any colour suggested by warm or cool-toned people. You can play up and down with any colour but avoid neon. Neon colours will crop off your colour balance.

Colours that look best on everyone

Now that we are discussing common colours, that will look best ln everyone, some colours suit every skin tone.

These are the shades that look great on every skin tone

If you are someone who likes to play bold and confident, red is your colour. There are so many reds you can choose from, according to your skin tone and preferences. There’s a red for everyone.

The most talked-about shade that looks literally the best on anyone is neutral. Colour like minimal pink, nude or blush will not only complement your skin tone but will also give you a hint of glow. Pair it up with anything, minimal jewellery, nude lipstick and you are good to go.

Everyone’s favourite black is a colour that suits every tone, every mood. This colour makes you look slim and goes well with probably any colour. You can curate your wardrobe with black and never go out of style.

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